2023 Summer Clean-up Event

Free $50.00 Voucher for the Transfer Station!

Issues such as great neighborhood relationships, vermin control, and real estate value are heavily impacted by property maintenance. The 2023 Summer Clean-up Event is dedicating community resources to raising public awareness of each citizen's responsibility to help maintain these values and protect the future of our community. This summer, starting May 1st, you will notice yard signs indicating 2023 Summer Clean-up Event Enforcement Zones. Each week a new area will be marked, and if your yard needs a little extra attention, you may receive a friendly visit from our Code Enforcement Officer. We do recognize that at times a required cleanup can create some financial stress. With this in mind, we are granting a $50 voucher to each residential address within Town Limits. This equals over 1 Ton of free disposal of general refuse, or 500 lbs. of Construction garbage! As always, refer to the Transfer Stations policies regarding sorting and accepted materials. To receive this voucher, please visit Town Hall anytime after May 1st, and visit with the Code Enforcement Officer. He will issue the voucher for the dates your residence will be in the Enforcement Zone. As always, if you have additional questions please call the Town Hall Office at the number listed below. We look forward to participating with you in this community effort!