Building & Life Safety


“Compliance Through Education”

The purpose of the Building and Life Safety Department is to serve the residents and business owners of the Town of Wheatland, as well as the local contracting community. Our duties include reviewing new developments in cooperation with the Town Planning Office, examining construction plans for code compliance, issuing permits, performing inspections, and enforcing the applicable codes. We perform Fire and Life Safety inspections for schools, pre-schools, and home day care facilities. We also handle public complaints concerning property maintenance.

Our mission statement is “Compliance through Education”. The intent of the building code, from the adopted ICC, NFPA and NEC requirements to State and Municipal development codes is to provide a standard of life safety, protect the financial investments of our citizens, and efficiently utilize energy consumption. We believe it is imperative that resources invested in code compliance, and our interactions with individuals should focus on educating the public as to why a requirement is being made, how the intent of the code is beneficial, and to cooperatively implement economical solutions so the intent of the code can be met. This focus promotes harmony between contractors, clients, and the code official.

Basic Steps in the Permit Process

The following steps must be completed before a permit can be issued.

        1. Obtain evidence of a legally owned and platted lot. Typical a copy of the Warranty Deed.
        2. Determine zoning and setback requirements.
        3. Complete application and submit plans with the permit fees.
        4. Plans are reviewed.
        5. Correct all noted deficiencies.
        6. Prepare any required agreements, if applicable.
        7. Receive signed permit and approved and stamped plans (if applicable).
        8. Post permit visibly where work is being performed.
        9. Request inspections as required on the permit card.
        10. Request Certificate of Occupancy or Completion when project is completed.


Work exempt from permit:

Based on Section 105.2 of the 2021 IRC as adopted and amended by the Town of Wheatland

Permits Not Required 2021 IRC

Permits Not Required 2021 IBC



Walter Martin
Building Official - Fire & Life Safety Inspector
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Zach Oliver
Electrical Inspector
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM