The Town of Wheatland has owned and operated the Cemetery since 1906.  The cemetery consists of 12 platted blocks with blocks 9 and 10 to still be developed.

Please find below the appropriate costs for burials and plots at the Wheatland Cemetery:

Cemetery Plots  
Resident of Platte County $500.00
Non-Resident $500.00
Open and Close for Infant and Cremations  
Monday – Friday $100.00
Saturdays and/or Holidays $200.00
Open and Close for All other burials  
Monday – Friday $350.00
Saturdays and/or Holidays $450.00
Move to other Cemetery $500.00
Move within Cemetery $1000.00
Infant 2 & younger to other Cemetery $150.00
Infant 2 & younger within Cemetery $200.00


Rules and Regulations: The following document provides all rules and regulations regarding decorations, monument construction, staff hours and requirements for burials and inurnments.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations


(Wheatland Town Ordinance 830)


Donny Lambert
Wheatland Cemetery Sexton
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM