The Town of Wheatland has owned and operated the cemetery since 1906.  The cemetery consists of 12 platted blocks with blocks 9 and 10 to still be developed. In 2017 the Town added a 60 niche columbarium to the cemetery. 

The Town of Wheatland has established an Ordinance regarding fees associated with cemetery space purchases and interments. 

Wheatland Town Ordinance 830

The Town also established an Ordinance regarding the Columbarium in 2018 for fees and what is included in the purchase of a niche.

Wheatland Town Ordinance 814

Memorial Garden:

The Town of Wheatland has established that Block 5 is a Memorial Garden. Lots 1 through 65 are not included in this Garden. The established ordinance is below.

Memorial Garden Ordinance

Plot Ownership:

All plots shall be purchased from the Town of Wheatland and ownership shall be evidenced by a Cemetery Certificate signed by the Mayor and Town Clerk upon full payment of the purchase price including perpetual care.  Such a certificate shall be issued to any number of parties as specified by the individual purchasing the plot. 

Perpetual Care                                                           $25.00

Cemetery Plot                                                            $475.00

Columbarium niche- 1 Square foot                           $950.00

Perpetual Care                                                            $50.00


The Town Clerk or cemetery personnel shall be notified no less than 72 hours in advance of the need for opening a cemetery plot or Columbarium niche and of all proposed burial arrangements.

Burial Fees:     

Opening and Closing (M-F) Casket                                                    $350.00

Opening and Closing (Weekends and Holidays)                                $450.00

Opening and Closing (M-F) Cremains/per urn                                   $100.00

Opening and Closing (Weekends and Holidays) /per urn                  $200.00

Infant fees (under two years)                                                              same as cremains


In the matter of disinterment and removal, notice must be given in advance to the Town Clerk.  Arrangements will be made with cemetery personnel 72 hours in advance.

No disinterment will be allowed without permission from either the owner of the lot, the surviving spouse, parent, child of the deceased or a court order.

Disinterment Fees:

Casket moved to another Cemetery                                                    $500.00

Casket moved within Cemetery                                                           $1,000.00

Cremains moved to another Cemetery                                               $100.00

Cremains moved within Cemetery                                                       $200.00

Columbarium Fees:

Opening and Closing (M-F)                                                                 $50.00

Opening and Closing (Weekends and Holidays)                                $100.00


Rules and Regulations: The following document provides all rules and regulations regarding decorations, monument construction, staff hours and requirements for burials and inurnments.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations




Donny Lambert
Wheatland Cemetery Sexton
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM